• We all have "POWER"! by (Tori)ban

    We all have "POWER"! by (Tori)ban
    Hey Beau-T's!Have you ever felt drained and just blah, but put on your favorite lipstick and instantly was ready to face the world!?  Honestly, I feel like that more often than not, but I am amazed at how quickly your confidence boosts immediately after applying a red lip color.  However, I remember that I could not be caught "DEAD" in red anything growing up!  Back then, the color red symbolized maturity and sexiness, but now, red symbolizes POWER!Believe it or not -- every woman can rock a red lip, but what women find the most challenging...
  • My Small Business Journey. Who Do We Serve...?

    My Small Business Journey. Who Do We Serve...?
    Welcome to the #MASKOFFMOVEMENT!As a small business owner, I thought it would be a great idea to get a little personal with you and give you some coffee (my preference over tea) on the motivation behind my brand!For those that aren't too familiar with me, allow me to (RE)-introduce myself! My name is VicTORIa, the Creative Founder of Tori Prince Beauty & Exquis by Tori Prince. Simply put, our motto is "Healing Your Natural Canvas!" My brand represents the woman that is everything to everyone, but internally struggles with self-love, confidence, and being her phenomenal person...
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